Bo Innovation, Hong Kong



Bo Innovation is a 3 Michelin Stars restaurant in the heart of Wan Chai, HK. The head chef & owner, Alvin Leung, described his cooking as ‘traditional Chinese food, broken down to its bare essence and re-assemble it to create new interpretations in modern forms’. Molecular Chinese food is something new and he is liken to Heston Blumenthal in the UK. Bo Innovation is a pretty casual setting restaurant with no fancy chandelier or tablecloths like some Three Michelin stars restaurants in Paris or London.


The entrance is not on Johnston St. but via Ship St., 2 floors up using its private elevator. I was greeted by the maître d’ and he knew who I was straight away. My seating was at 1330hr for lunch but I was 20 minutes early. I was seated near the chef table so I could see what was going on in the kitchen. The restaurant was fully booked with patrons having business lunches. My first impression was great: the service was precise like a Swiss watch  and the staff were very attentive (I dropped my napkin on the floor and the staff picked it up straight away and gave me a new one!). For such a small restaurant, I think there were too many staff walking around, all looking busy and somehow on a mission. They looked as if they were trying to impress you with their attentive service.


I went for the Set Lunch Menu for HK$430. My entree was Langoustine with black truffle, cauliflower risotto, salty duck egg sauce, pickled cauliflower, english mustard foam & duck jus.


My main course was red mullet with black bean, black garlic, yuzu, pepper, mullet roe & wild mushroom.

main course

the dessert was blood orange with sunflower seeds, candied sugar and coffee.

Instead of bread, they served me this traditional Cantonese street food crêpe with spring onion fillings.

I love the non pretentious setting of this restaurant. You don’t need to be fancy to achieve a 3 Michelin stars. Although the view from this restaurant was not spectacular (it was overlooking someones washing across the street!); the attentive service and the quality of food make up for it. Some people might say that they are trying too hard with the service and it should effortlessly flow throughout the meal. Whatever is it, I think Bo Innovation deserves its stars and I would definitely come back to this restaurant.

Bo Innovation
Shop 13,2/f,J Residence, 60 Johnston Road,Wan Chai, Hong Kong (MTR Wan Chai Exit A3)
(Private lift entrance on 18 Ship Street)
Tel:+852 2850 8371, Fax:+852 2851 0113

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