This is my first post ever. I was meant to write this since I started my little hobby of travelling around the world. This time it was Amsterdam. I love this city to bits. Lots of museums & restaurants which I adore most. Well, I am a foodie who likes to travel.

My first image of Amsterdam on instagram
My first image of Amsterdam on instagram

My ticket was supposed to be from JER-LGW-AMS. My flight was delayed for 3 hours and I was put on the next available flight to Amsterdam. I said, OK thats not bad. But there was a catch. The next flight to Amsterdam was from Heathrow, not Gatwick. So BA gave me a National Express bus ticket to Heathrow which took me 1 hour to get there. Since I was not in a hurry, I just said yes. I only had 3-day break before I start working again on Wednesday. I used Avios points (9000) plus Β£35 fee. Not too bad for the points. But with 9000 points I think I could travel as fas as Prague or Verona . I stayed at the Hyatt Place near Schipol Airport Never stayed at any Hyatt Place outside the US of A before. The first Hyatt Place for me was in NYC. Felt a bit like Hampton Inn but with little quirks if you know what I mean. And I love little quirks! I am not going to make a trip report here (maybe next time) but all I can say is it is a very good airport hotel with free shuttle bus to/from the airport. Free breakfast and internet are thrown in too. As a Diamond member, I decided to have Diamond Amenity Bonus points and we will see if that is go to register in my statement. Oh, forgot to mention that I decided to try a restaurant Morlang in Keizersgracht. An excellent example of asian/european Β fusion menu with fresh produce. Well priced too!

Picture doesn't do justice. My Beef Wellington was superb!
Picture doesn’t do justice. My Beef Wellington was superb!

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